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General English for Adults (30+)

Our 30+ General English course is exclusively for adults over 30. It is an opportunity to study with like-minded people in a style that suits mature learners. The course is designed to improve your vocabulary and spoken fluency with a mixture of ‘in class’ lessons and outdoor activities.

There are 25 hours of lessons per week. Each week has an interesting theme or topic which the classes are based on. In the mornings your class time will focus on listening, speaking, vocabulary and reading in English. Then in the afternoons, you will have practical lessons outside, which include trips to London’s best museums, galleries, attractions, etc.  All outside lessons are connected to what you are studying in classes. This style of learning helps you to ‘learn’ and then ‘practise’ in real life situations on the same day.

By the end of the course students should have improved their:

  • Knowledge of grammar and vocabulary
  • Ability to use ‘every day’ natural English, so they can communicate more fluently
  • Experience of speaking and listening to native English people
  • Understanding of written English

The course is suitable for intermediate as well as advanced English learners. We have a different syllabus for upper and lower levels.

Maximum class size is 15.

Kensington Academy of English
Hours per week

Class hours per week: 25 (with 15 hours of in class lessons and 10 hours of outside lessons)


Course Price: £315 per week


Skills: Speaking, listening, vocabulary and reading

Class Size

Average class size: 10

Lesson Duration

Lesson Duration: Mon-Friday 9.15-3.30pm


Age: 30+


Levels: Pre- Intermediate to Advanced

Minimum Duration

Minimum Duration: 1 week

Maximum Duration

Maximum Duration: 2 weeks


09.15 to 12.30 indoor 1.30 to 3.30 outdoor09.15 to 12.30 indoor 1.30 to 3.30 outdoor09.15 to 12.30 indoor 1.30 to 3.30 outdoor09.15 to 12.30 indoor 1.30 to 3.30 outdoor09.15 to 12.30 indoor 1.30 to 3.30 outdoor

Course Start Dates

Individual Students - 15th April to 3rd May 2019 (The school is closed for the bank holidays on 19th April and 22nd April)
Individual Students - 1st July to 6th September 2019 (The school is closed for the bank holiday on 26th August)
Closed Groups may book all year round.
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